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Working together with our team who are specialist in programming software, robot suppliers and engineers we make the most productive and efficient robot for your demand on handling, bending and cutting! As we are a brand independently system integrator we use all kind of brands such as Yaskawa, Comau, Staubli, ABB, Fanuc, Trumpf, Haco, SafanDarley, Baykal to provide the best solution for you.

 FizGig can offer everything from a single robot tool to a full turnkey system to provide solutions to meet the customers requirements.


All projects are assembled and tested at FizGig, with customer acceptance, prior to despatch!? What about re-programming the robot? That’s the main question you will have. The answer: within just seconds our program has made it for you by just setting some parameters! Find out by clicking below on movie.

Offline software for handling, bending and cutting

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